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Complete Sports Conditioning & Complete Core Training

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Complete Sports Conditioning


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Introducing... Complete Sports Conditioning

Conditioning is one of the most under-appreciated aspects of programming for athletes today…

…and one of the most important.

Complete Sports Conditioning is 5 hours completely dedicated to developing true expertise in conditioning for athletic performance.

Here is just a small sampling of what Coach Boyle Covers…

  • A practical, scientifically founded and fully comprehensive approach to conditioning you can immediately apply in any training setting.
  • The actual ‘why’ behind any effective conditioning program and how losing sight of it kills any benefit of the conditioning most coaches are programming.
  • The Inconvenient Truth about the sport science guys teaching conditioning methods who really just want you to think they’re smart…but don’t yield great results.
  • How much volume, how many reps and how much time or distance for optimal results.
  • The role Interval Training plays in developing better athletes…faster.
  • The only 3 true goals of conditioning.
  • Why the BEST conditioning exercises AREN’T “conditioning” exercises!
  • How improving your conditioning can improve performance regardless of the sport.
  • The truth about steady state training and the role it should play in your programming.
  • Real World, Proven Training applications and strategies.

Complete Sports Conditioning is broken down into these comprehensive modules:

Module One

Introduction and Philosophy (47:17)

Module Two

Interval Training (1:01:37)

Module Three

Interval Programs/ Conditioning Testing (49:50)

Module Four

Sports Specific Conditioning Philosophy (19:13)

Module Five

Sports Specific Conditioning/ General Program Design (Examples) (34:58)

Module Six

Demonstrations: Warm-up & Power Work, Time-Based vs. Heart Rate, Tempo Running, Treadmill, Slide Board, M.A.S. Bike Test, How to Coach Groups (1:28:17)


PowerPoint Handouts and Sample 12 Week Program (199 pages)

Complete Sports Conditioning & Complete Core Training

Complete Sports Conditioning = $199
Complete Core Training = $149
$199 + $149 = $348 total

Special Boyle Bundle Price = $348 $198
(save $150!)

Complete Core Training

↑↑ Watch This Video To See What Complete Core Training Is All About ↑↑

Complete Core - Training, Conditioning, Strength, Stability, Power and Performance

With Complete Core, Coach Mike Boyle takes you through his latest methods and proven protocols for training the core. Complete Core is a product designed by coaches for coaches.  It is a comprehensive system that addresses all aspects of core training for sports and fitness.  With over thirty years of experience working with all levels and abilities from professional and elite athletes to youth athletes and beginners, Mike Boyle explains and demonstrates how to properly execute a core training regimen for any person.

With so many different philosophies about core training available, one of the main objectives of Complete Core is to clear up some misconceptions and disagreements about core training. The idea is to highlight the similarities in core training, instead of the differences, in order to make a complete core training system that works.

The Complete Core program describes the science and rationale behind particular methods of core training. It undoubtedly addresses the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of core training:  what exercises to do and how to do them, through perfectly executed demonstrations showing exactly how to perform over 60 core training exercises. More importantly, however, Complete Core addresses the ‘why’ and the importance of core training: Why are we choosing the exercises we are doing? Why are anti-rotation, anti-lateral flexion, and anti-extension important?

With Complete Core, Mike Boyle addresses when to train the core, how to train the core, how much core training should be implemented (volume, reps, time), the role of the core (and real-world anatomy), how breathing is involved and affects the core (and how to breathe correctly), what to avoid, developmental progressions and regressions, and exact exercises to use.

Complete Core was designed to really make someone think about what they are doing from a core training perspective, to hopefully make them question some of the core training processes they currently utilize, and to ideally inspire them to change some of those processes with their athletes and/or clients. Coaches will be able to provide a better training experience for their athletes/clients who will ultimately benefit from this product. Coaches will be able to design core training programs that emphasize injury reduction with the goal of improved performance.

With Complete Core, coaches will be able to use experienced scientifically proven core training processes with their athletes to produce measurable results.

Complete Core is broken down into these comprehensive modules:

Complete Core has over 3.5 hours of video, plus a 12 week sample program showing progressions/regressions, plus a 210 page PowerPoint slide deck.

Module One

Complete Core Introduction

Module Two

Part 1: What is the Core?/ Anatomy/ History of Core Training (58:04)

Module Three

Part 2: Breathing / How To Implement Core Training (37:40)

Module Four

Part 3: Progressions & Regressions/ Exercises - What and Why/ The ANTI Approach (60:01)

Module Five

Practical - What We're Going To Do And How We Are Going To Do It 

Module Six

Incorporating Breathing

Module Seven

Floor Slides with Breathing

Module Eight

Anti-Extension Training

Module Nine


Module Ten

Quadruped Exercises

Module Eleven

Progression: Anti-Extension to Anti-Rotation

Module Twelve

Progression in Quadruped Positions

Module Thirteen

Dead Bugs and Side Planks

Module Fourteen

Recruiting the Deep Hip Flexors

Module Fifteen

Hip Flexion Progressions

Module Sixteen

Sit-ups and Getups

Module Seventeen

Diagonal Patterns

Module Eighteen

Push / Pulls

Module Nineteen

Loaded Carries

Module Twenty

Medicine Ball Progressions

Module Twenty-One

Medicine Ball Rotational Progressions

Module Twenty-Two

Pallof Press / Anti-Rotation Press

Module Twenty-Three

Sample Core Training Program - How It All Fits Together

Complete Sports Conditioning & Complete Core Training

Complete Sports Conditioning = $199
Complete Core Training = $149
$199 + $149 = $348 total

Special Boyle Bundle Price = $348 $198
(save $150!)

Continuing Education Credits

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) approved 0.5 CEU(s) or 5 contact hours for certified individuals who successfully complete the Complete Sports Conditioning course and approved 0.5 CEU(s) or 5 contact hours Complete Core Training course.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) approved 0.6 CEU(s) or 6 contact hours for certified individuals who successfully complete the Complete Sports Conditioning course and approved 0.4 CEU(s) or 4 contact hours Complete Core Training course.

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